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    Halo Beriti


    baked rhubarb
    brown sugar

    The washed Gedeb was one of our favourite coffees from 2021, and this washed lot from the Halo Beriti wet mill is even more complex. Expect complex florals, a light winey sweetness, and grippy rhubarb acidity to finish.

  • View from Aricha, Gedeo zone, Ethiopia



    dark chocolate

    We love Aricha coffees for their berry and stonefruit character, and this Natural processed lot from the Resiti mill is no exception. Dark chocolate opens to layers of sweet tropical and apricot fruit characters – with a complex honeysuckle aftertaste.

  • Naturally processed coffee drying in Kochere, Ethiopia



    cherry blossom
    jelly candy

    Kochere has long been one of our favourite areas for natural coffees, showing many similar characteristics to neighbouring Yirgacheffe coffees, and this superbly processed Welisho natural from the Shifo mill showcases all the stonefruit we love, finishing with floral and jelly candy characters.

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    El Boqueron

    El Boqueron


    raw cacao
    tropical fruit
    mascerated strawberries

    Santa Rosa is one of the hidden gems in Guatemala, and this coffee from New Oriente is an excepetional natural lot. Coffee is collected from 250 smallholder farms at peak of ripeness and carefully sundried to accentuate the toffee and cherry characteristics the region is known for; expect strawberry, tropical pineapple and a buttery caramel finish.

  • Picture of Banana leaves and coffee shrubs in San Marcos, Guatemala

    El Jardin


    cherry candy
    grilled pineapple

    This textural washed coffee displays developed fruit sweetness, expect cherrry cola and candied pineapple.

  • Drying patio at Renacimiento in Solola, Guatemala



    malt candy
    creamy apricot

    Renacimiento is back – one of our favourite coffee returns after a year hiatus. Grown 5 hours southwest of Quetzaltenango, this organic coffee is grown and picked by 68 women in the Renacimiento Co-op; this caturra & catuai mix presents sweet malt, with delicious red berries and buttery stonefruit through the mid palate.

  • SL type coffee cherry south of Mt Kenya



    pina colada

    Classic Nyeri flavours are strongly present in this coffee – pineapple and hops on the nose, with blackcurrant & cola in the cup, freshened up with some passionfruit and citrus acidity.

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    Flamingos in the Nakuru game reserve

    Little Farm


    raspberry liquorice
    grilled peach

    Washed Kenyans have a certain style, and this AB sized coffee from Nakuru county is an excellent example; bold dark notes up front lead to stonefruit and tropical notes as it cools.

  • Looper 250g Bag


    strawberry milkshake
    pineapple candy

    Naturally processed coffees are regularly our favourite, and Looper is our homage to that love, roasted to show a complex, textural espresso and a layered short milk drink.

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  • Mexico El Tucan Decaf

    El Tucan Decaf


    baking chocolate
    brown sugar
    fruit mince

    Long gone are the days of Decaf being bad. This Mountain Water processed coffee is exceptionally well balanced; spicy and rich enough to cut through milk, but clean and sweet enough to make a delicious black coffee.

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  • Moonface Blend 250g


    butter caramel
    apricot jam
    freeze dried raspberry

    Moonface is comprised of high quality specialty coffees, roasted to produce a super sweet juicy espresso.

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  • Eco lodge on La Hammonia farm in Matagalpa, Nicaragua

    Selva Negra


    peanut brittle
    Fuji apple

    Matagalpa is renowned for very sweet savoury cups; after some opening peanut brittle, this washed caturra/catuai mix produces layers of cherry, citrus & vanilla.

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