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    Mexico San Cristobal

    San Cristobal


    turkish delight

    Textured chocolate and rosewater give way to refreshing acidity and stonefruit, delicious both as a milk drink or black coffee.

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    Kongo Coffee's operational and processing facility in Chuave District, Chimbu Province, PNG.


    Papua New Guinea

    burnt toffee

    We buy sweet clean PNG coffees as the backbone of our Moonface blend, and this ultra clean smallholder lot is produced by Kongo coffee. Kongo Coffee is one of the largest exporters of coffee out of PNG, and this business is indigenously owned; meaning all of the profit remains in the community. The owner, Jerry Kapka runs social enterprises through his foundation, and the Elimbari project was initially set up as a way to improve the income for farmers producing higher quality cherry.

    This mix of Typica and Bourbon produce a heavily sweet and lightly fruity result in the cup; butter and toffee open up to a light stonefruit finish.

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    PNG Eno Nosare Microlot

    Eno Nosare

    Papua New Guinea

    butter caramel
    spiced fig

    PNG has produced some delicious, but often maligned coffees, this Microlot from HOAC member Eno Nosare is an exceptionally clean Bourbon derivative more commonly found in Tanzania; expect floral and dark berry notes on top of some buttery sweetness.

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    Cyato CWS, part of the Koakambu Coop in Southern Rwanda




    This Anaerobic Natural has the typical acidity and floral chacracters we expect for a South Rwandan Bourbon, but on top of a boozy sherry-like sweetness.

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    Rwanda Mushonyi


    peach tea
    elderflower cordial

    Until recently, it was not allowed to export Naturally processed coffees from Rwanda, and we love the vibrant texture this provides to a floral, bright coffee such as this Rutsiro Province coffee.

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    Rwanda Ngorororero



    peach drop
    mandarin sherbet
    brambleberry jam

    Ngororero was chosen for two prizes in the Illy Coffee Awards in 2018, and this elegant and delicious natual processed Bourbon is evidence of why; elderflower and jasmine follow complex peach and black fruit jam.

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    View of Mt. Kilimanjaro from Kilimanjaro Plantation



    maple syrup

    With a view of Mt. Kilimanjaro, they say this coffee is ‘from the roof of Africa’. Bourbon from Reunion has been planted here for a classically berry driven experience, perfect as a rich and refreshing black coffee.

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    View of Mt. Kilimanjaro from Marangu, Moshi Rural District, Tanzania

    Uru North


    maple syrup
    orange blossom

    Ultra refreshing as a filter or long black coffee, expect some savoury character – syrup and spice, and assertive, but complex brightness – blueberry vinegar and citrus.

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