Coffee Purchasing

We purchase coffee from traceable, good supply chains. Typically this means cooperatives who are invested in their members welfare, or smaller farms who have access to processing equipment at a nearby cooperative.

We purchase coffee that we like to drink; everything that we use in our blends are typically available as a single origin as well, and just as delicious.

Single Use Plastics

Wherever possible, we avoid traditional single use plastics, and more modern recyclable plastics.

Our coffee and chocolate bags are biodegradable: the wood pulp section should break down in about 4 months, with the remaining PE interior, should completely biodegrade in 12 years.

Our mailers are compostable in a home environment.

Where possible, we repurpose hessian/jute, Klabin paper & moisture liner bags (Ecotact, SC, GrainPro).

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