• Pulping machine with coffee cherry & seeds in Burundi



    blackberry jam
    chrysanthemum tea

    This smaller screen coffee shows amazing complexity – a herbal and lightly savoury front palate opens to complex sweetness and leaves a lingering peach aftertaste.

  • Ripe coffee cherry on a tree in Cauca, Colombia



    ruby grapefruit
    toffee apple
    milk chocolate

    This delicious mix of Colombia, Tabi and Caturra comes from Popayán in the Cauca Department. As is typical for the region, we’re getting lots of texture – chocolate and toffee; and refreshing red fruit acidity makes for an engaging drink as a black coffee or in milk.

  • Chery drying at Finca La Toboba in Brunca, Costa Rica

    Don Senel

    Costa Rica

    redcurrant jelly
    chocolate ice cream

    This naturally processed Costa Rican coffee is superbly picked and processed, sweet fruit characters and an engaging acidity lead to a wonderful creamy chocolate finish.

  • Community coffee farms in Naranjo de Dota, Tarrazu, Costa Rica.

    Naranjo de Dota

    Costa Rica

    candied ginger

    Washed Tarrazú coffees are well known for bright acidity and stonefruit, but this coffee presents sweet complex chai-like spice and a slightly more rounded cup.

  • El Salvador Himalaya


    El Salvador

    musk candy
    peach leather
    almond biscuit

    This coffee displays complex stonefruit, engaging and balancing acidity, and a long floral aftertaste.

  • Raised beds with coffee drying in Guji, Ethiopia




    We buy Guji coffees to blend with in our Strider and Moonface blends; this year’s Alaka replaces our outgoing Dikitu coffee – bulky dark berry and white sugar sweetness are rounded out with papaya and floral characters.

  • Coffee seedlings in Bensa, Sidamo



    blueberry jam
    grapefruit jube
    white tea

    This is the second year we’ve bought Fafi, the Bensa district is the highest altitude in the region; complex jam character with a light tea and floral finish make this natural a delight to drink.

  • Product image

    Halo Beriti


    baked rhubarb
    brown sugar

    The washed Gedeb was one of our favourite coffees from 2021, and this washed lot from the Halo Beriti wet mill is even more complex. Expect complex florals, a light winey sweetness, and grippy rhubarb acidity to finish.

  • View from Aricha, Gedeo zone, Ethiopia



    dark chocolate

    We love Aricha coffees for their berry and stonefruit character, and this Natural processed lot from the Resiti mill is no exception. Dark chocolate opens to layers of sweet tropical and apricot fruit characters – with a complex honeysuckle aftertaste.

  • Naturally processed coffee drying in Kochere, Ethiopia



    cherry blossom
    jelly candy

    Kochere has long been one of our favourite areas for natural coffees, showing many similar characteristics to neighbouring Yirgacheffe coffees, and this superbly processed Welisho natural from the Shifo mill showcases all the stonefruit we love, finishing with floral and jelly candy characters.

  • Out Of Stock
    El Boqueron

    El Boqueron


    raw cacao
    tropical fruit
    mascerated strawberries

    Santa Rosa is one of the hidden gems in Guatemala, and this coffee from New Oriente is an excepetional natural lot. Coffee is collected from 250 smallholder farms at peak of ripeness and carefully sundried to accentuate the toffee and cherry characteristics the region is known for; expect strawberry, tropical pineapple and a buttery caramel finish.

  • Picture of Banana leaves and coffee shrubs in San Marcos, Guatemala

    El Jardin


    cherry candy
    grilled pineapple

    This textural washed coffee displays developed fruit sweetness, expect cherrry cola and candied pineapple.

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