• Unripe, green voffee cherry growing in Minas de Mantiqueria, Brazil.

    Bela Vista



    This anaerobic natural Brazilian coffee showcases what modern processing can deliver, jammy, berry tones overlay complex sugary sweetness. This coffee is body dominant, so it excels in milk, but is softly sweet and has a light acidity, which makes for a comforting black coffee.

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    Honey & natural processed coffee drying on Kiryama Hill in Muyinga District, Burundi

    Kiryama Hill


    strawberry milkshake
    green peach

    This lot grown by smallholders on Kiryama Hill is honey processed, and we love that it shows a little on the nose, but delivers a lot in the cup; expect some toffee & cherry to start with, finished by lush and complex floral characteristics as the brew cools.

  • House in the distance on a hill in Gigante, Huila Department in Colombia

    El Desarrollo


    toffee apple
    apricot jam

    This mixed Caturra/Colombia lot makes up the backbone of our Strider blend, providing intense body and sweetness; malt and toffee, and a refreshing hit of apple and berry acidity, it makes for a refreshing and juicy filter coffee.

  • Chery drying at Finca La Toboba in Brunca, Costa Rica

    Don Senel

    Costa Rica

    redcurrant jelly
    chocolate ice cream

    This naturally processed Costa Rican coffee is superbly picked and processed, sweet fruit characters and an engaging acidity lead to a wonderful creamy chocolate finish.

  • Basket of fresh, ripe red cherry on Finca Himalaya, El Salvador


    El Salvador

    musk candy
    peach leather
    almond biscuit

    Himalaya has been one of our favourite coffee farms for years; this 2023 lot of their natural processed bourbon is consistent with past years; expect toffee & rich dark chocolate, accompanied by complex stonefruit, some juicy acidity, and a long floral aftertaste.

  • Fermented cherry drying on African raised beds in Messina District, Guji, Ethiopia.



    rose geranium
    strawberry marshmallow

    The typical natural Guji red fruit character is strongly present in this Anaerobic coffee but with more elaborate sweetness and florals in the cup.

  • View of the hills in Uraga from Bisrat Melaku's wet mill.



    apricot compote
    rock candy

    This Bitoya lot is produced by 650-800 smallholders and processed slowly at Bisrat Melaku’s wet mill in Uraga. Expect hard candy sweetness and mouthfeel, with complex wild berries, and cooked stonefruit.

  • Coffee drying at Aricha station on African raised beds



    blackberry jube

    After a first buying coffee from the Aricha in 2021, we see a return with this new lot Rachia. Expect familiar sensations of macerated berry & apricot with layers of complex candy sweetness, and a soft clove/spice finish.

  • Fresh cherry on raised African beds in Buku Sayisa, next to dry fermenting cherry.



    grape bubblegum
    orange soda

    Sayisa is a lot produced by the Buku Sayisa mill at extreme altitude. Expect all the classic Guji dark berry characters, lifted by a playful almost-carbonated acidity and candy-like florals.

  • An orchid Rhyncholaelia digbyana, the national flower of Honduras - Blanca Flor

    Blanca Flor


    black grape
    raspberry coulis

    Blanca Flor is a coalition of indigenous Lenca farmers in Intibuc√°, in the alpine mid-west of Honduras, and this lot comes from a group of members around the village of Pelon.

    We were delighted by the freshening acidity as this coffee cools; layers of creamy nuts and molasses, a light fruit sweetness finishes cleanly with a raspberry acidity.

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    Parainema cultivar coffee growing in Honduras.

    El Dorado


    cola nut
    fruit tea

    In 2015, Aureliano Sagastume replanted his farm with the Parainema variety, and the elaborate washed processing of this coffee showcases weighty citrus on top of a sweet and floral backbone, expect cola and bergamot as well as other sweet spices.

  • Flamingos in the Nakuru game reserve

    Little Farm


    raspberry liquorice
    grilled peach

    Little Farm returns in 2023! We love washed Kenyans, but this AB-screened coffee from Nakuru county shows some less direct and more complex characters; anise & fruit candy lead to a medley of stonefruit that reminds us of washed Ethiopian landrace coffees.

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